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April 01, 2004

Test of MovablePoster posting software

This is a test posting using MovablePoster. It looks like I can do a good bit of formatting in a Word-like environment.

This is a test of the extended-post feature.

Test of a centered paragraph.
Test of a right-justified paragraph.

Test of a link.

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What I did not like about MovablePoster was the lack of a spell checker. Posting should be easy. I do not like to make glaring errors though, so I would contantly find myself composing in WP, to catch the errors, and posing to the blog. Right now I've landed at wbloggar (http://www.wbloggar.com) because it has the spell checker (it is a very basic one, yes, but still functional), and it is free.

Posted by: Thomas Kemp at Apr 18, 2004 2:00:13 PM

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